In mid-May of 2021, Mary Maybury, Army Veteran and single mother of two young children, reached out to The Homeland Heroes Foundation.  She was in a panic because her home, built in 1958, needed yet another major repair that she simply could not afford. 

This new issue came within a year of purchasing her home in Greenville, NH and after Mary had already spent a considerable amount to repair or replace many other items, including her furnace.  Mary worked hard to scrape up the funds needed to make her new home safe and comfortable for herself and children, but in doing so, she also exhausted all her monetary reserves. 

When she learned her septic system needed to be repaired, Mary, in desperation, contacted every veteran organization she could think of, as well as local charities and churches, her townhall and others to ask for help, but to no avail. 

Because Mary had previously received assistance from The Homeland Heroes Foundation, she knew she could call us to see if we could, at minimum, point her in the right direction….and that is exactly what we did! 

When Homeland Heroes learned Mary’s septic system was seeping into her garage, and that she and her children were living in a home that had become a health hazard and potentially uninhabitable, we swung into action and called upon our network to see if anyone could help. 

In short order, Justin Landry, a Marine and owner of Landry & Son’s Septic, came forward and offered to install the system at his cost and with no labor charges at all

A previously quoted job of $15,000 would now cost between $5,000- $6,000. 

Homeland Heroes, with the help of our network, raised all the money to cover the entire job!  

Wow! Amazing, right?

Hold on…that’s not all. 

When the 90-year-old Marine, William Lamarre, owner of Lamarre Concrete of Greenville NH, received a letter from Homeland Heroes asking for a reduction in their hard costs to Landry & Sons, they called to say they would donate all the items needed to replace the system at no charge

The Homeland Heroes Foundation is humbled and forever grateful to all the wonderful people who stepped up to assist this deserving young veteran in her time of need. 

We are a village…and we love ours!