April 24, 2018
TO: Homeland Heroes Foundation
FROM: Mr. Ricardo Manuel Warner

April 24, 2018

I take humble pleasure in forwarding to you my thoughts and thanks concerning the following:
As a Homeless American Military Veteran… I and those like me… are faced with a myriad of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and formidable odds. No matter what we may have accomplished in the past, or successes enjoyed by overcoming any task before us, life can sometimes take a turn for the worse. And in never seeing it coming, we are so blindsided and caught unawares that we are knocked down and unable even to arise and “Shake it Off.” The Challenges are just too great. That is, without able, genuine, adept and unfailing assistance.
As a Member of the American Military Family, I can assure you that should a Comrade fall wounded, injured, or dead… we come running and will not leave our Comrade to suffer alone , nor leave him/her behind. We are not under severe obligation to do so, per se, yet it is in our essence to unquestionably do so. Even at our own peril. So it truly strikes me as an astonishment to find an Organization, of the “Civilian Species,” that conducts itself in that same Spirit. And, in its deeds, render assistance of that same veracity and caliber.
In this regard, I write to commend an Organization that I am Blessed to have made company. An absolutely unpretentious and genuinely charitable group. And an Entity that is so uncommon, as to be somewhat of a Myth.
An Outfit that exhibits merits, virtues and qualities of such high a standard, that a Homeless Veteran does not even dare to envision such being there for him, or her, in this time of trial and struggle. Yes, I have found that Organization… and it is called “Homeland Heroes Foundation.”
And in particular, I would like to express my deepest gratitude concerning the outstanding, empathetic, splendid efforts of this particular organization’s Executive Director, Ms. Julie Weymouth.
I cannot emphasize too strongly, the caring demeanor… the touching feeling of genuine empathy… and the heartwarming feeling of interacting with a Person who takes the time to learn the background and circumstance of your current situation, as is manifested in Ms. Weymouth. And quite frankly… Ms. Weymouth is “Sympatico,” a Mensch, a Sterling Human Being. An individual who retains a sense of Justice. A Person who makes a difference.
Should One find Oneself in search of an Organization, or Person, who without hesitation “Steps Up to the Plate” and puts their efforts where others only put their mouthpiece, allow me to suggest Ms. Julie Weymouth… and the True Heroes of the “Homeland Heroes Foundation.”
God Bless them ALL