Organizations like Homeland Heroes give me so much hope for the world. The only thing that we can do in a world where there is so much tragedy is help others and pay it forward. My family and I are so grateful for everything that was given to us. I am so thankful to everyone who donated to this organization who helps those in need. Sometimes we take things for granted, even the simplest things like a dining room table. Instead of having to make do with an empty home, I am now able to make our house a home and give my family what they deserve. Thanks to Homeland Heroes we now have furniture and can enjoy our time as a family. I am most grateful for the big boy beds for my boys. Now I can put them to bed every night with a room filled with things that are all their own. I am also so grateful that I can rock my baby girl to sleep in the glider that was given us. I plan to pay it forward as I never want to accept things without knowing that one day I can do the same for someone else. I want to touch others with helping hands as we have been touched by what you have done for us.
Thank you.