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The Homeland Heroes Foundation along with many families from our wonderful community, banded together to help this young navy reservist and her 2 beautiful little girls get back on their feet.

The truth is most of us have experienced being down and out at least one time in our lives, and how wonderful it is to have someone come along to pick up a few pieces and help us get back up. HHF is truly delighted to have been able to be that for this young family by donating: a kitchen set, a 3 piece living room set, end tables, bunk beds and bureau for the girls, a 42″ flat screen TV and many other household items.

While we are thrilled that this young family can take a deep breath and know that we care enough to support them in this way, it is us, the givers who revel in the fact that we have done something good for someone else. HHF is honored and thrilled to have been able to be a positive part of this young woman’s journey.

“You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”